Picture a 19 month old active boy. Discovery a continuous activity. Smiling already are you?  

My grandson Will is a treasure, a treat, and a teacher. I observe as he observes and learns. Those of us closest to him feel his learning ability is, of course, above average. Most parents/grandparents do with their child/grandchild.

Having had meaningful quality time wrestling with my boys in their young years, I appreciate the hooting and hollering Will and I exhibit as 60 year old Grandad rolls on the floor with 19 month old Will. We have a blast! He thinks it wonderful that he wins every time.

Males tend to prefer the robust more so than quaint. Ball gloves over Barbie dolls, hide and seek over a skipping rope.

Seems to me human kind tend to prefer busyness over “be still and know that I am God”  (Ps. 46:10). Jesus modeled being still, yet still we miss the boat. OK, so not everyone is destined for a monastic life.

Catching a moment of pause in our tossing and tussling, lying side by side, I whisper in Will’s ear. He immediately lies still and listens. With chest heaving, even gasping for air hits a snail’s pace. I tell him that Jesus loves him and even sing “Jesus loves Will this I know, for the Bible tells me so….). He appears to be a sponge – soaking it all in. A mind uncultured with bias, formatting a life view to last a generation.

Then after a few minutes that seem like an eternity (I wouldn’t mind that eternity lasting longer!) Will pops up and  the energy boosters kick in once again.

I am a grandfather who desires that this young life would come to sense, feel, and know, that the One who created him, loves him beyond imagination. That he would feel at ease, accepted, protected, in God’s arms while listening to God’s still, small voice.

I love those moments with Will not only because I love hang’in with him, but perhaps because it reminds me that I too am wrapped in arms of love, even in the midst of the tossing and turning everyday life brings.


A New York City traveler’s journal

Posted: April 21, 2012 in General

New York City – ethnically diverse as so many North American cities now are. A mobile generation connecting to the world is obvious by hand clutched smart phones at the ready as they depart from bus and subway cars along busy avenues to skyscraper destinations high above, street level coffee shops, or grassy parks.

Eclectic sounds abound with subway buskers, mid street brass band rehearsals and park entertainers embracing summer temperatures in the April air. A deja vu moment to my childhood years and shopping with my parents in downtown Montreal at Eaton’s and Simpson’s came about with a Macey’s department store elevator ride, complete with human operator calling out the various floors.

Then without warning it happened. A God moment!

Resting a few minuets on a Washington Park bench from hours of sightseeing, we were taking in the sweet scents of flowering bushes amongst book laden uni students when, but a few feet across the path a lady’s voice penetrated above the hub bub “Excuse me sir, are you hungry?”

I turned to see the middle aged woman with a bag in her out stretched hand. “Would you like some food?” she continued. The street man smiled, mumbled a polite thanks, and without hesitation took the bag. Turning, the Samaritan lady walked off, impacting a life and honoring the words of our Saviour to offer a cup of cold water.

So many individual faces, so many unique life stories – and God loves them all.

We can offer compassion more readily when we live a life coming from acceptance rather than looking for acceptance. Inner calm finds compassion in others says John Philip Newell, keynote speaker at the Spiritual Directors International conference in Boston.

Perhaps more pause in our daily lives is in order.

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering.   Romans 12:1

CMRC Ministry projects 2012

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Mission work

March 2012

Re: Ministry projects 2012

Hello friends ~

Some of you are aware of my mission work with CMRC and my recent trip to Peru. I have been asked about future trips, as being on staff with a mission organization involved in helping the world’s needy, both spiritually and with practical gifts of helps, requires travel.

CMRC supports projects in Cuba and Guatemala, as well as Peru. To maintain the ministry level attained through many years of work with these nationals, CMRC must raise funding above and beyond personal support donations. Some examples are:

Cuba ~ Church support. With the explosive growth of the church there is a need to teach young  pastors the basics of leading a congregation.

Guatemala ~ In partnership with the Guatemala Bible Seminary, we have produced teaching videos over the last 5 years. These videos are used both at the Seminary and by Cuban pastors.

Peru ~ Equipping nationals – in this case, Jesus and Marisol who moved their family  into the mountainous jungle to minister to village people.

I am appealing to those of you outside of my personal support network to raise funding for these projects. Costs are as follows:


  • Cuba:            Travel/accommodation                                     $1,500
  • Guatemala: Travel/accommodation plus production costs           $2,500
  • Peru:             Travel/accommodation to bring support              $1,200


It is CMRC’s goal to train, equip and develop quality national leaders in the countries we work in.

I confess, asking for donations is not my favorite aspect of mission work, but as we all know, the work can’t be done without mission friends. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us?

The following link offers a number of giving methods – we have found cheques or EFT most beneficial, as there are no bank fees administered.


Or go to www.cmrc.on.ca

Gratefully, Rick

skype:  rick.tyler1     twitter:  ricktyler1

Lima Peru Reflection

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Mission work

I wrote this last Friday, February 10th:

8:00 AM

Sitting in a suburban middle class Lima park as folks make their way to work driving both North American and imports while summer school students pass by with backpack lunches. (January – March is the equivalent of July – August in Peru.)

Are these kids so fortunate and those in Pisco not so? Or do my North American jaded perceptions make me think they are fortunate? There exists amongst believers here in Peru an unfiltered view of God’s unmeasurable graciousness.

A view that will cause this sojourner to ponder for some time…….

Think Tank – Pisco, Peru

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wow! Awe and wonder showed up last night.

As Wednesday afternoon wrapped up we all were in great spirits – a full day of visitation with remarkable stories of faith and as our van pulled away from
Vista Algre, the roof was short but a few sheets of roof decking. Ahead that evening, a return to Refugio Church for what we anticipated was an 8PM evening service. Doug was prepared to preach.

As the van approached the church, I had not an Ahhha moment, but rather a Awwww moment as I’d left the ministry suitcase of goodies intended for Refugio at the hotel.
Upon entering the church a few minuets later with suitcase in hand, I was greeted not with boisterous loud singing as anticipated, rather a circle of folks deep in discussion.

We had been invited to meet with Pastor Angel and a few of his “leaders” – all teens or perhaps early twenties.
Their hearts sold out to Jesus, their minds wondering how to reach a disinterested generation. We are so honored to be considered friends with this group of believers.

In our minds planned ministry had been accomplished and our thoughts started considering travel and departure plans.

Isn’t that just like God to open even more ministry opportunities and again remind us again that lives are being impacted for the Kingdom.

Pray for the Refugio Church – the road ahead is all uphill, but God is on the throne!
You can help us help our Refugio friends:


Thank you, friends!

Mission Peru

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My third trip to Peru is just around the corner…..

The Headlines:

  • Our Peru mission team departure is set for January 28. As always there seems to be more to do than time allows.
  • On the CMRC mission front a new web site and corporate look are in the works as well as developing a model for pastor’s support, particularly in Cuba.
  • On the work front, two new, fairly large projects are being discussed.

Our Peru team consists of 8 adults and one child, 1 1/2 years old.  Besides the youngster, all but one are returning Peru veterans.

At the children’s home the first week we will undertake maintenance projects yet to be defined, a search for suppliers for the Computers for Classroom project will take place, and I will spend time with a group of twenty somethings at Camino de Vida Church discussing video production. They really appreciated the time last year.
This church supports our team with an interpreter and van with driver.

In Pisco, funds have been raised to purchase the rook decking. Our hope is that Pastor Chi will have the material on hand so we can work alongside our fellow believers. This marks the third year CMRC has provided funding for the new church construction project. What a joy to see that roof completed.

Pat Stanlake has a heart for the ladies of Pisco and is planning a tea party of sorts for. Uncertainty surrounds as we have no idea how many women might show up. There is a need for hotel size soaps/shampoos and other items to bless these ladies with.

Prayer points:

  • The airline charges $70 per extra bag checked. We are evaluating how many team ministry bags (the material goods we give out) to take due to this cost. Pray for clarity.
  • Pray that the team, some of us have just met each other, gel together in spirit and activity.
  • Pray that the roof materials for Vista Algre’s new roof will be available so we may work with our Peruvian friends.
  • Pray that the Peruvian friendships forged over years of partnering together would expand into a greater outreach.
  • Pray that details for the tea party would come together and God will provide both a location and the “goody” items.


  • I have begun this year reading scripture without any devotional guide, just scripture. I’m looking forward to hearing from God in fresh ways.
  • Support is at approximately 50%. Pray for opportunities to share my mission work.
  • I have been asking God to give me compassion for the things that break his heart. Helping those who cannot help themselves forms a large part of that.

Thank you so much for your interest and support – without you I cannot press on with this exciting calling.

I hope the snow doesn’t pour down here like last year when we were in Peru!





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Hi Folks

This message is going out with the hope and prayer that someone will know someone (networking) who may participate in the Computers for Classroom project in Peru.

The CMRC Peru Mission Team has determined that a computer for the children’s home in Chaclacayo is a must.
While a larger scope, long term plan is in development, the immediate need during our January/February trip is to supply one reliable working system.

The long term plan will put several systems in place with maintenance packages, and classroom training. A primary purpose is to provide office environment computer skills to 15 – 18 year old girls before they leave the Hogar (children’s home). 

Our goal of $1500 is partially funded  – would you consider approaching your firm and friends etc. and present this cause?
Secondly, is there a firm you might suggest I contact?

As our departure date is set for January 28th, time is of the essence.

Thanks so much for helping the CMRC team to express the love of Jesus with gifts of helps!

Contact me through the CMRC web site.